Hi, I’m Jaime.

I’m a designer and developer based in San Francisco. After six years working in-house as a marketing and communications designer, I set out on my own when I noticed a trend— small business owners and practitioners who had old, inaccessible websites made by a designer who had since disappeared. These people were my first clients and one job led to another and another, and here we are four years later. 

I love helping my clients figure out what they need and then working with them to make it real. Part of my approach is to set them up to be independent of me once the final work is delivered, so they won’t end up with an outdated, never changing website. That said, I’m happy to be of service after the fact. I’m down to earth, open, communicative, curious and responsible (I’m from the Midwest, where that’s just part of the DNA). I think everyone can use design to guide opportunities toward a goal.

Other hats I’ve worn include contributing writer at Microsoft, office manager at The Onion, events manager for Stanford Jazz Workshop, and program assistant for Photography, Film, & Design at UC Berkeley Extension.

I studied Photography and French at the University of Iowa, French and Art in Montpellier, France, and have done graduate coursework in Design at California College of the Arts. Continuing to learn is crucial to me, and recent practical education has come from great resources like Treehouse and A Book Apart, and also local meet-ups like Cascade SF and Designers + Geeks.

I’m also a writer, musician, yoga instructor, cat mom, and I love triumphant sculpture and bright colored leggings! What can we design together?

Jaime Borschuk web and communication design

Jaime Borschuk is a San Francisco-based web & communication designer.