Drop Cap Letter Project

As I’ve become much more interested in typography lately, I thought I’d try a lettering project on Skillshare, taught by Jessica Hische. The assignment was to take a favorite or recently read book and create a concept letter based on the first initial of the author’s last name. I chose Beloved by Toni Morrison, and below is my process.

I started by listing all the character names, and that seemed to be a good thing to do until resonating concepts started coming to me.


Selected sketches

Concepts from top left: Chains, Earrings, 3 Ice Skates, Faces Merging, (Hand holding) shadow, Children in Yard.

Notes on sketches:
Chains – does not feel unique enough to story.
Earrings – hard to visualize boldly/properly and unsure how to scale.
Skates, Shadow, Yard – like concepts, not convinced with sketches.
*Faces Merging – like concept, was pleased with visual and this feels very central and unique to story.

Vectorized Version

Lettering Mock-Up Toni Morrison Beloved by Jaime Borschuk

This was a super fun project, both for the lesson on lettering and the opportunity to conceptualize and visualize a great book.

As an aside, I was really happy that this lesson had a concise and useful pen tool explanation. This tool has always intimidated me, and the minutes of coverage here made it much more accessible for me.

While I did not spend a lot of time flourishing the letters like a lot of other participants did (very impressively!), I am pleased enough with my first attempt at making vector letter art.