Which Web Hosting is the Best?

If you’re new to making a self-hosted website, you will want to purchase a domain name and hosting services. These can be purchased separately or sometimes at the same place. Here are my recommendations:

1) Bluehost
I have been using Bluehost for a long time for a variety of reasons, including:

• Quick, US-based customer service via phone, message, or twitter
• Unlimited Space (I think there are some caveats with this, but it’s plenty for me)
• Host Multiple Domains on 1 account (here’s a video that shows how)
• Easy to use Dashboard/C Panel
• One click WordPress Installation
• Free domain (for a year) w/initial hosting purchase

I just registered as an affiliate, sign up for discounted Bluehost services here.

2) Dreamhost
Dreamhost is a good contender with benefits similar to Bluehost, however the starting price is slightly higher (~$8/month vs ~$5/month) and speeds may be a little slower.

BONUS FOR US-based Non-Profits: take advantage of the FREE hosting plan option.

3) A Small Orange
I am a sucker for a friendly website. A Small Orange is the only web hosting site I’ve found to be cute and clear in communication, and the company appears to have great values and customer service.

4) Laughing Squid
Laughing Squid is, like Bluehost and Dreamhost, WordPress-recommended, has been recommended to me, and is local to San Francisco.

5) Pair Networks
Pair Networks came recommended to me as very reliable.

Purchasing a Domain Name
I recommend getting your domain name from the same place you get hosting if possible. Nominal costs aside, I personally just prefer having everything in one place and one less login account. If you want or need to purchase separately, here are some registrar resources:

1) name.com
2) namecheap.com
3) namesecure.com

I did not forget about GoDaddy, it’s just that I generally prefer the smaller guys. I also find their login interface to be cluttered/confusing. I have had to call them for clients, however, and their phone customer service is decent.